Molecular Anthropology Group

at the University of Oregon

Kirstin N. Sterner

Assistant Professor - Department of Anthropology
Associated Faculty - Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Associated Faculty - Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences

Office: 352 Condon Hall
Office Phone: 541-346-8614

Lab Office: 346 CMER
Lab Office Phone: 541-346-8877

Laboratory Location: 305 CMER
Lab Phone: 541-346-8879


Areas of Specialization

Molecular anthropology; primate evolutionary genomics; human brain evolution; genotype-phenotype connections; primate adaptation; ancestral gene resurrection; innate immunity; simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)


Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine (2009 – 2011)
Ph.D. Department of Anthropology, New York University (2009)

Research Interests [publications]
The primary focus of my research is to understand the genetic basis of distinctive human traits. I use a combination of comparative genomics and molecular biology to connect primate genotypes to adaptive phenotypes in order to address larger questions about primate evolution, biology, health and disease. I have ongoing research projects investigating human brain evolution (with collaborators in the Molecular Evolution Group at Wayne State University) and primate innate immunity and adaptation to viral infection.

Teaching Schedule for 2014-2015

Winter 2015
Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANTH 270
Advanced Evolutionary Medicine ANTH TBA

Spring 2015
Bioanthropology Methods ANTH 487/587 Teaching Schedule for 2013

Previous Courses Taught

Molecular Me FIG ANTH 199
Introduction to Molecular Anthropology ANTH 199
Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANTH 270
Genomes & Anthropology ANTH 376
Advanced Evolutionary Medicine ANTH TBA
Evolutionary Theory ANTH 468/568
Graduate Seminar in Molecular Anthropology ANTH 610
Bioanthropology Methods ANTH 487/587