Molecular Anthropology Group at the University of Oregon

We are a collection of scientists that seeks to inspire a love of science. We accomplish this through the creation and dissemination of knowledge regarding the evolutionary biology of humans and our closest relatives. At the heart of our approach is our community - we are an engaged and inclusive group that appreciates the wide range of lenses through which people view the world. We share perspectives with one another, learn from one another, and encourage one another. We believe this environment empowers our members to pursue the questions that speak to them, to produce rigorous high quality science, and to ultimately make positive contributions to society. Within our group are two independent yet complementary research programs that carry affiliations with the Department of Anthropology and the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Our research employs a variety of molecular methods from the fields of genetics, genomics, and molecular cell biology, and we engage in various outreach activities to disseminate our knowledge to the public and increase representation of underprivileged groups in science.

Want to join our group? Please visit the following lab websites to see if our research aligns with your interests and to learn about student opportunities.

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The Sterner Lab is interested in the genetic basis of distinctive human and non-human primate traits. Learn more…
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The Ting Lab is interested in genomics, evolutionary ecology, and conservation in natural populations. Learn more…

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